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The best garage door repair tips ever! They are clever and will certainly be helpful

  • Replace your garage door hardware every five to seven years

    The prescriptive time for the moving parts is between five and seven years, depending on how often a unit is operated. If your door is over ten years old, a safety inspection must be performed to assess the functionality of your springs, rollers, tracks, bearings, hinges, etc.

  • Follow the six-inch and five-foot rule

    The photo eyes of your garage door opener should be installed not higher than 6 inches from the ground. In order to detect a pet or a child, the wall button for your door opener should be placed at least 5 feet above the floor to keep out of children’s reach. The overhead door is too heavy and can inflict injury.

  • Keep the overhead garage door safe

    Overhead garage doors fall if they are not maintained regularly. Give special attention to garage door springs, cables, the opener and tracks. Broken springs might cause the door to fall. The door might also fall if the garage door tracks are not adjusted properly.

  • Check what's new at LiftMaster and Genie

    LiftMaster and Genie are the top garage door opener manufacturers. Whether you want to replace the existing electric opener, your remote is broken or want new accessories, our technicians in Ramsey can assure you that these two brands promise quality and many options.

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