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Do you have garage door questions? We have the best garage door answers

Time to enhance your knowledge about garage doors! Here you will get the best answers

Our list of FAQs contains a myriad of information about general garage door topics that would give you a better idea on this field. Our experience allowed us to compile these commonly asked questions that customers often ask. Get to know them as you might just have the same concern.

How often should I get my garage door serviced?

Your overhead garage door is among the most used point of entry into the house. This means that, considering its weight, it is subjected to extreme pressure more than once in a day. It would be wise to conduct maintenance once every three months and professional service at least twice in a year.

How long can I expect my garage door opener to last?

Depending on the mode of your opener as well as the use, an average opener can live up to 10 to 20 years. However, this average lifespan can be extended with regular maintenance and timely professional servicing. In fact, some garage door openers were able to last up to 25 years because of good maintenance.

How can I maintain the look of my wooden garage door?

According to our garage door technicians, annual re-finishing of your wooden garage door is one of the best ways to maintain its beauty. And since wood is a natural material, it needs more care than steel and other types of material. You can also have customized carvings on your door. It will be more expensive, but unique.

How can I tell the quality of garage door parts?

Check the make of hardware parts. Ideally they should be made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel. Thicker parts are stronger and more resistant to bending and breaking. This is particularly important for the tracks and hinges. Galvanized steel has zinc coating which protects the alloy from rust and corrosion.

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