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Caring for Garage Door Opener Sensors

03/13/2015 Back To Blog

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers The small devices staying on the sides of the overhead door are unnoticeable most of the time. However, the sensors are crucial for the safe operation of the entire system. Their job is to detect objects underneath the door during closing and to signal the opener to reverse the unit's course. In this way, people do not get hurt and assets do not get damaged. In order for the safety sensors to work optimally, you must provide proper care to them. Find out how to do it to ensure top results.

Inspection, Cleaning and Alignment

The first task involved in garage door opener sensors maintenance is inspection. You need to start with the wiring. Check the condition of the cables. They must not be frayed or twister. Make sure that the devices are properly connected to the power source. The connection must not be loose or damaged. You have to look closely at the plastic housing as well. It must not have cracks, chips or dents. The photo eyes are the components which do most of the work. They must be in perfect condition.

Due to their low position, the sensors get a considerable amount of dust and dirt. That is why the specialists of our Garage Door Repair Company in Ramsey recommend that they are cleaned thoroughly. You should use dry microfiber cloth for the purpose. Clean the photo eyes gently without rubbing them. If there is sticky dirt, you can dampen the cloth a bit. This should help to loosen the dirt accumulation. You must not use cleaners for removing dust and dirt from these devices as they may cause damage.

Usually, during maintenance, you will have to turn the sensors a bit in order to clean them from all sides. When you do this, the units may not face each other once you are done. That is why after each garage door maintenance session, you have to realign the sensors. They must face each other perfectly. In this way, the receiving unit will be able to capture the infrared beam produced by the other unit.

Last, but not least, these devices must be tested for effective performance along with the reversal mechanism of the garage door opener. If the door does not reverse when there is an object between the sensors, there is a problem which must be identified and resolved. In some cases, garage door sensors replacement is required. Any safety issue must be resolved quickly.

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